Information about NomadBoxes


Nomad Boxes reflects a community of travel hungry,  adventure seeking, activity driven badasses with awesome, well designed gear that sometimes lies dormant.  You know, things like Thule rooftop cargo boxes, Kuat platform bike racks, travel cases for cycles / spearfishing guns and occasionally Gunner pet kennels. The importance of outdoor recreation and our of love of the natural world is part of who we are.  Within our community there are two groups that help this all come together: Nomad Providers and NomadTravelers.

Nomad Providers understand the importance and positive impacts the sharing ecosystem presents. They have put up the cash and are willing to put in the work to help outfit you for your next adventure! 

Nomad Travelers also understand that the sharing economy is a symbiotic system and are happy to compensate Nomad Providers for their provisions.  Nomad Travelers may not have these items for a multitude of reasons that may include extra cargo space for their adventures, but do not want to deal with the high upfront cost, moving an oversized box by themselves, or have proper storage when not in use.  

NomadBoxes is a Community Partner at Leave No Trace.