Information about NomadBoxes

How it works

NOMAD Boxes strives to create a safe and equitable cargo box marketplace which connects Nomad Providers (Renters) with Nomad Travelers (Buyers).  To ensure the safety of our marketplace members, NOMAD Boxes, will be prescreening, Travelers and Providers, prior to approval to the site.  To keep things equitable pricing will be fixed with no surge pricing

While we may have some bumps in the road as we refine or adapt processes, we are both excited and thankful that you are here to join us during our journey. 

TRAVELERS (We Need Cargo Solutions)

We are travel enthusiasts seeking short term storage for our adventure. We don't want to drop a bunch of money on a cargo box we may only use a time or two. Plus we may not have a safe place to store it in the off time. We have a lot of gear and want to help protect it during travels. Vehicles with racks and crossbars will need to be approved for cargo box rentals.

PROVIDERS (We Have Cargo Solutions)

We are are outdoor and travel enthusiasts that own personal cargo solutions, but in between personal travel, we are willing to rent them out to approved Nomad Travelers. 


To become a Nomad Provider you must verify your identity and pass a background check as time progresses to enhance the safety for everyone engaged in transactions.  for their ease of installation, safety rating, and durability/ repairability. Providers are screened to ensure they have safe and appropriate storage locations when items are not in use to conform to safe storage practices set forth by their manufacturers. 


 Rooftop cargo boxes by Thule, Kuat platform bike racks and Sportstube hardshell travel cases for skis, boards, cycles, or even spearfishing equipment have helped travelers protect their gear for decades. 

Nomad Providers understand the importance and positive impacts the sharing ecosystem presents. They have put up the cash to own / host their gear and are willing to put in the work to help outfit you for your next adventure! 

Nomad Travelers also understand that the sharing economy is a symbiotic system and are happy to compensate Nomad Providers for their provisions.  Nomad Travelers may not have these items for a multitude of reasons that may include extra cargo space for their adventures, but do not want to deal with the high upfront cost, moving an oversized box by themselves, or have proper storage when not in use.